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Consultation services

Please note:

For personal reasons, I am not currently available for consultation work. There is no firm time plan for when this will change, but if you wish to add your name to my waiting list for a reading, please feel free to contact me.

I offer personal chart readings based on traditional astrological methods in a sidereal zodiac. With the exception of horary questions, which can generally be answered by email, readings are done face to face over Zoom and typically last around 90 minutes. See below for the types of reading available.

Traditional astrology can be a remarkably powerful tool for prediction as well as for understanding the past and present. It is not, however, a psychic art, and there is no absolute guarantee attached to particular predictions. The client pays for the astrologer’s time and workmanship; the astrologer applies his expert knowledge of astrological technique to the topic under consideration. As in medical consultations, background information helps the astrologer form a more certain opinion and offer better advice.

My preferred mode of payment is through Wise. If this is not available in your location, please feel free to contact me for alternatives.

Natal reading

The natal chart is cast for the exact time and place of your birth, and constitutes a bird’s-eye view of your life. If there are particular areas of life that you would like to focus on, you are welcome to say so when requesting a reading. Topics that frequently come up include health, finances, career, relationships/marriage, and children. The reading will include both the general promise of the nativity (e.g., whether marriage will come early or late in life, go smoothly or be more challenging) and the dynamic perspective of events unfolding by primary direction.

To request a natal reading, you need to know your exact date and time of birth as well as the place (city, town or village). Please indicate the source of your stated birth time: birth certificate, hospital or family records, etc. As the accuracy of the reading is entirely dependent on this information, it is important to make sure that it is correct. Optionally, as a means of verifying a recorded time of birth, you may give the dates and details of 3–5 major life events. A picture of yourself, preferably full-length, may also be useful.

The cost of a natal reading is SEK 1800, corresponding approximately to £145, €160 or $170. Please note: if you request a natal reading and an annual forecast (see below) together, the total cost is only SEK 2800, corresponding approximately to £225, €250 or $265.

Request a natal reading

Birth time rectification

Where a birth time is known only approximately, within 1–2 hours either way, it is possible to reverse the method of a natal reading and deduce the time of birth from the known events of life. For this purpose you need to submit a list of as many major life events as possible, preferably 10 or more, timed at least to the month of occurrence. The more important and unusual the event, the more useful it is likely to be in rectification work. Examples of such events are serious illnesses, accidents or surgery; sudden financial gains or losses; major increases or decreases in social standing; etc. You also need to submit one or more pictures of yourself, preferably full-length. You may be asked questions about your health, habits and interests.

Once the birth time has been rectified, it is possible to order a full natal reading. If your time of birth is not known even approximately, or if you are mostly concerned with finding the answer to a particular question or problem, you may consider asking a horary question instead.

The cost of a birth time rectification  is SEK 1800, corresponding approximately to £145, €160 or $170.

Request a birth time rectification

Annual forecast

An annual forecast presupposes that the astrologer is familiar with your natal chart. If you have already received a natal reading, you are welcome to request a detailed reading for your current or upcoming year of life. Please note that the year covered by the annual forecast is not a calendar year from January to December, but a year of your life, from one birthday to the next.

The annual forecast employs several interlinked predictive techniques, including primary directions, the annual revolution (solar return chart), and transits. The focus is on identifying key themes of the year in question, but you are welcome to indicate any topic(s) that you are particularly interested in exploring.

The cost of an annual forecast is SEK 1400, corresponding approximately to £110, €125 or $135.

Request an annual forecast (only for returning clients)

Horary question

When there is a strong and sincere urge from within to know the answer to a particular question, that answer may be sought from a chart cast for the time and place of the astrologer receiving the question. No knowledge of your birth time is required; rather, the chart is set for the emergence or ‘birth’ of the question itself. Horary charts often concern questions which are too specific or minute to be easily judged from a person’s natal chart. Some examples of possible horary questions are:

– Where is my lost bracelet/missing pet?
– Does she love me?
– When can I find a better job?
– Will I have children?
– Should I buy the house?

For the sake of clarity, only one topic should be explored at a time. Thus, while it is acceptable to ask two related questions such as ‘Where is my bracelet, and will I get it back?’, several unrelated questions should not be asked simultaneously.

The cost of a horary question is SEK 800, corresponding approximately to £65, €70 or $75.

Submit a horary question

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