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About Martin Gansten

I have studied and practised traditional astrology for more than thirty years, and much of my academic work likewise concerns the history of astrology. Since the publication of my textbook Primary Directions: Astrology’s Old Master Technique in 2009, I have taught this important but often misunderstood predictive technique to students worldwide in workshops and through my online course.

My knowledge of Sanskrit and Indian culture has also enabled me to study Indian astrological texts at first hand and dispel misunderstandings about the relationship between Indian and other forms of astrology. Over the past decade I have taken a particular interest in the transmission of Perso-Arabic (Tājika) astrology to India. My most recent book intended for students of astrology, Annual Predictive Techniques of the Greek, Arabic and Indian Astrologers, draws on traditional sources in several languages and illustrates the methods taught in them using present-day nativities.

A selection of interviews can be found below.


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